About Us

DBSM Biocides is a Sino-American joint venture offering quality isothiazolone biocide and preservative products. Our model delivers improved economics and creates value with a more customer-centric focus.

Our goal is to provide greater access to these products at a lower cost, thereby improving our customers’ competitiveness.

As a fully integrated supply partner, we strive to provide flexible solutions for our customers. In other words, we do it your way, not our way.

We offer:

  • A flexible and responsive supply chain.
  • A Better Value Proposition.
  • A ‘marriage’ of lower manufacturing costs from China and Western service culture.

If you're looking for flexibility with your biocide supplier, talk to us.

Phone: 646-248-7999

Email: info@dbsmbiocides.com

DBSM Biocides
70 West 40th Street, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10018